Visitors to Canberra and indeed local residents never tire of the breathtaking views of the nation's capital when they venture to the top of Telstra Tower.

Rising 195 metres above the summit of Black Mountain, the Tower presents 360 degree views of Canberra and the surrounding rural area. Visitors taking advantage of the two open viewing platforms or the enclosed viewing gallery are presented with striking views of the city by day. From every angle at night the theatrics of the city's lights under the darkened sky provide a spectacular show of natural beauty and entertainment.

Since opening in 1980, Telstra Tower has continually created an attraction of immense fascination and appeal, making it one of the National Capital's most popular tourist attractions. Situated atop Black Mountain, the Tower incorporates a theatrette , Telstra Heratige museum, Panorama Cafe and Gift Shop and the Executive Briefing Centre.

As well as offering visitors education, entertainment and sheer pleasure, the Tower has a functional role. Telstra Tower provides essential communications facilities for the National Capital, including major trunk line radio telephony facilities, television transmitters for national and commercial services, FM radio transmitters, mobile radio telephone, and cellular phone Base stations.